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Choosing a Long Distance Company

Customers in Star's area now have the option of selecting a "preferred" long distance company for their "1 +" and "0 +" calls. A list of carriers available as your preferred long distance carrier can be obtained from your local service office.

Using a long distance company other than your preferred company
Many long distance companies offer special rates and promotions and from time to time you may wish to make a call using a long distance company other than your preferred long distance carrier. To "casually" dial using a different long distance company, dial:

Direct Dial
Dial 101 + (Carrier Code) + 1 + (area code) + (number)

Operator Assisted
Dial 101 + (Carrier Code) + 0 + (area code) + (number)

Call the carrier directly and request their carrier code for "casual" dialing.

Notice of Preferred Carrier Freeze
In compliance with the Louisiana Public Service Commission's General Order dealing with the unauthorized switching of telephone service, this is to notify you that a Preferred Carrier (PC) Freeze Option is available to you at no charge.

To "Freeze" your preferred carrier means that no changes will be made to your choice of local service, local toll carrier, or long distance toll carrier designated on your Star Communications service record without your express verbal or written permission to Star Communications. Please contact your local business office for details if you are interested in any, or all, of these Freeze Options.

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