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Louisiana Public Service Commission

Louisiana residential telephone customers who want to reduce unsolicited and unwanted telephone solicitation calls can register to participate in the Louisiana "Do Not Call" Program beginning January 1, 2002. To register your residence telephone number(s), please contact the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) at 877-676-0773 or register online at the LPSC website. There is no charge to register, and your telephone number will remain on the register for five years unless you ask to have your telephone number removed. Business numbers may not be included on the list. Please remember that if you change, add, or disconnect any of your telephone numbers, you will need to revise your application and/or reapply through the LPSC.

Telephone solicitors are prohibited from calling your residence telephone number(s) unless exempted by law. For a complete list of these exemptions, please refer for the LPSC website. You may file a complaint or report a violation of the Louisiana "Do Not Call" Program by completing and submitting a complaint form (obtained from the above telephone number or the website) to the LPSC. The LPSC will investigate each complaint and may, after investigating the complaint, impose penalties as needed.
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