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Star Communications provides custom calling features at an additional monthly charge. Please contact your local service office to order these services.

Custom Calling Features - Quick Reference

3-Way Calling Allows you to have a telephone conversation with two other parties at the same time. Hook Flash
Anonymous Caller Rejection Blocks Callers who call you with their number blocked. (Requires Caller ID) *77 *87
Call Forwarding Forwards all of your calls to another number you select. 72# 73#
Call Forwarding Busy Forwards all of your calls to another number you select when your number is busy. *90 *91
Call Return (Auto Call) Redials the last number which called you. *69 *89
Call Waiting Lets you know if another call comes in while your hone is in use. (Always Active)
Cancel Call Waiting Turns off call waiting feature for one call. *70
Caller ID Basic Displays the number of the party calling you. (Always Active)
Caller ID Deluxe Displays the number and name of the party calling you. (Always Active)
Distinctive Ring Have multiple telephone numbers on your line. Each number rings differently. (Always Active)
Home Intercom Allows you to speak with another person in your home by dialing your own telephone number. (Dial your own number and hang up)
Per-Call Blocking Blocks your number from being delivered to a caller ID subscriber. *67
Repeat Dialing (Auto Call Back) Redials the last number you called and retries the line for 30 minutes if it is busy. *66 *86
Speed Call 8 Reach frequently dialed numbersby dialing one digit. (2-8) 74#
Personal Account Code Blocks long distance phone calls unless your account code is dialed first. *47 plus Your Account Code
Personal Account Code Setup Set up your personal account code. *97 Then Dial Your 4 Digit Code Twice
Personal Account Code Change Change your personal account code. *96 Then Dial Your Old 4 Digit Code Then Your New 4Digit Code Twice
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